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30 Day AA Coins from Sober Camel for 30 Days of Sobriety

Sober Camel has 30 day coins in both Aluminum and Bronze as Alcoholics Anonymous 30 Day Tokens

On both of the 30 day Sobriety coins

Unity Service Recovery runs along the outer edges of the triangle

The triangle is inside the circle edge of the coins and To Thine Own Self Be True along the outer edge of the circle

1 Month is in the center of the coin indicating 30 days of sobriety.

These aluminum 30 day or 1 month AA coins are red.

One Month AA Coin

Red AA 1 Month Coin


Heavy Bronze coin for 1 Month or 30 days

1 Month Coin Bronze

30 Day AA Chips

The reverse side of the 30 day sobriety coin is the Serenity Prayer.


Depending on the budget and your traditions, the inexpensie lightweight red aluminum 1 month token or the heavier bronze 1 month coin is a perfect way to carry the accomplishment privately for 30 days of sobriety.

Alcoholics Anonymous Coins have been a tradition for many years because they work so well to support the tremendous effort of remaining sober. AA Coins carry the tradition.

Both 30 day chips are 1 5/8 inches across - Perfect for your pocket!

Reaching that 30 Days of Sobriety is an amazing feat for the newly sober. Many thought they would never make it -and yet - they did!

Both, or either, will carry significant meaning to the receiver as that so important 30 day mark is passed.

These AA coins are a perfect silent reminder to carry in the pocket and serve as a reminder that you really can do it - One Day at a Time!

The 30 Day Coin is given for 30 Days of Sobriety.
The 24 hour token might still be carried to remind one to take it One Day at a Time, but the 30 day coin is for doing it One Day at a Time for 30 Straight Days!
Or the 1 Month Chip might replace the 24 Hour Coin or even join it in your pocket!
30 Day Coin

AA Coins AA Tokens

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Sober Camel has been providing individuals and groups with sobriety coins,tokens and chips for recovery since 1997

We look forward to serving you.

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